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Update 23/10/2020

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Feel free to browse this site.  If you have comments or questions about our Church, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the EMail link to me on the contact page.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to read a shortened version the June edition of the church magazine click here.

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As the Coronavirus unfolds in the UK, the most vulnerable in our communities are in more need than ever. Foodbanks are running short of supplies as people stockpile.

If you are in position to donate any non perishable foods, we would be most grateful. Normally people would bring their donations to church. As this won’t be possible due to the current situation, we would be happy to come to your door to collect any donations. If you would like to help with this please phone us on 01563 535879 preferably in the evening.

Thank you for your support.

Denham & Mairi Kirkpatrick

Sunday Service

18th October 2020

Rev. Andy Black

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